Teen Insight

Teen Insight

Experience an exciting, empowering and fun workshop for teens that is famous throughout the world, brought to you in Ojai by the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation
*For ages 15 – 18 (14 year olds by application)

What is Teen Insight?

Teen Insight is a fun, positive and supportive multi-day workshop for teens that helps them to know themselves better and reach their fullest potential.

What happens there?

Teens come to Teen Insight for four or five very full days and evenings where they participate in a variety of experiential activities, large and small group discussions, relaxation exercises, fun, games and role playing. Information is presented freely and teens are free to participate at whatever level they choose. The atmosphere is friendly and fun, with plenty of music and chances to make new friends. Most meals and many snacks are provided.

What do teens learn?

Through Teen Insight, young people have a powerful chance to build self-confidence, better understand themselves and others, and improve their communication skills. Teen Insight is for teens no matter their background or walk of life. Participants must be 15 – 18; 14 year olds are interviewed for readiness level.

What does it cost?

Tuition for Teen Insight covers the basic costs of delivering this program. See the insert for details. Partial scholarships and payment plans are available. On most days, participants bring a lunch or money to buy a lunch. All other food is provided. Housing can be provided for out-of-town teens. NOTE: There is a discount for teens from the Ojai Valley areas. For the best possible tuition, payment in full is required 30 days before the start of the seminar.

What is the role of the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation?

The Ojai Valley Youth Foundation works with Insight Seminars of Santa Monica to bring this wonderful program to our community. The OVYF supervises all volunteers and all the logistics of the event. Through our organization, participants have an opportunity to get involved in other positive programs throughout the year.

“Insight gave me the one thing I found to be the most important, and that is: happiness with myself…”
Sean Burke, age 18
“My relationship with my family and friends has grown into one of love, respect, and honesty.”
Kristin Aquiline, Age 16
“I learned that I can be more open and honest with people and speak my mind more freely.”
Michael Boufford, Age 14
“Insight is a program which no words can describe. The new friends that I made there are ones that I will never forget and I will always cherish.”
Susan Smith, Age 17
  • Kenzie and Gus

    Dr. MLK Jr. Day Community Celebration 2021!

    We are so grateful for the awesome youth on the 2021 MLK Jr. Day Committee! A small group planned and coordinated the amazing online celebration of 2021 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and accomplishments. To learn about our 2021 event visit the MLK Day webpage! To view OVYF’s video celebration in honor of Dr. King, visit the Ojai Unified School District YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQv6asoqggk

  • OVYF Ripples Program ROCKS

    OVYF is planning another great RIPPLES program. This year, in partnership with Learning to See, we invite a dozen youth to join us for a series of experiential art workshops and local artist tours. Space is limited for this free program; please contact us to be notified when we reschedule and we are free to gather together again. Last year’s participants went rock climbing with Trails By Potter, hit up a slam poetry night at Da Poetry Lounge in West Hollywood, and created art with local Ojai artists. Read more on the RIPPLES page…


  • BLinc Graduation

    Building Lives, Inc. Postponed Until Future Notice

    BLINC is a beloved OVYF program that brings Ojai youth together weekly throughout the school year. High-school students from across the Valley are welcome to join us for good company, to play Peace Sticks, and enjoy music and food– all free, as always. Once school resumes, we will convene on Wednesdays at Nordhoff HS, from 3-5P. Feel free to call or email with questions.

    More on the BLINC page…