The Empowerment Workshop

A Community Program Dedicated to the Empowerment of Teens.
Knowledge is Power. Educate.

Girls Empowerment Workshop

The Empowerment Workshop aims to Educate, Empower and Inspire Teens by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating self respect. We achieve this through our 10 week curriculum, facilitated by our trained educators, who cover the most important topics teens are faced with, including, but not limited to: healthy relationships, media literacy, depression, anxiety, self injury, suicide, comprehensive sex education, sexual assault awareness, eating disorders and addictions, paired with opportunities to be in the wilderness.

For nearly 15 years, TEW has positively impacted thousands of teens throughout the Ojai Valley and Ventura County. We continue to educate ourselves, so that we can be strong, positive mentors to the teens in our programs, for many of whom find safety in our groups they have not fund elsewhere, including their homes.

Our objective is for young people to value themselves and be actively in charge of their lives. For youth, especially girls, to be assertive, stand up for what they believe in and know they are worthy of going after their dreams, choosing with power over their bodies, and being an active part of healthy relationships.
Girls who are empowered with personal knowledge, practiced skills and tools are equipped to make strong, positive choices and educated decisions throughout their lives. The average age for a young person who has participated in comprehensive education such as this class to engage in sex for the first time is 18. Without comprehensive sex education, the average age is 13-15 years old.

An assertive girl, one who is confident, believes in themselves, speaks out for what they believe in, respects themselves and others, walks tall and makes eye contact, is 80% less likely to be the target of sexual assault.

Corporate America would like our girls to believe that their appearance is more important than who they are and what they do. We aim to change this.

Program Outline:

  • Session 1:
    Introduction to the Workshop
  • Session 2:
    Health, Body Image & Self Care
  • Session 3:
    Healthy Relationships / Communication / Assertive Skills
  • Session 4:
    Sexuality & Reproductive Anatomy / Sexually Transmitted Infections / Birth Control / Abstinence
  • Session 5:
    Sexual Assault / Awareness & Prevention
  • Session 6:
    Guest Speakers
  • Session 7:
    Media Awareness / Activism / Taking a Stand
  • Session 8:
    Campout / Environmental Education / Personal Safety & Self Defense

Facilitator Profile

Tobi Jo GreeneTobi Jo Greene earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Administration with a concentration in Environmental Education from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Tobi’s work experience over the past 15 years has been related to the empowerment of individuals of all ages, including: the development and implementation of Environmental Education Programs, facilitating personal empowerment and Teambuilding Ropes Course Workshops, Sexual Health Education, Sexual Assault Awareness Education, Self Defense Instruction, Rape Crisis Counseling and Advocating for Victims of Sexual Assault, as well as various teaching and coaching positions.

The Empowerment Workshop is a combination of her passion and work experience. Currently, Tobi teaches The Empowerment Workshop within the Ojai Valley at both Public and Private Schools & Community Centers.

Depending on class size and other considerations, some workshops end with a wilderness trip. Youth who spend time in nature learn to be self reliant and at peace with themselves, and focus more on being present than what they look like or how others might perceive them.

We believe an educated and assertive youth is less likely to experience low self esteem, sexual assault, bullying, and many other challenges common to young people. (We define assertiveness as someone who is confident, believes in themselves, speaks up for what they believe is right, respects themselves and treats others with respect.)

All Classes will maintain: Respect for individuality and personal rights, allow for open discussion without judgment, put downs & disrespect will not be tolerated.


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