Building Lives Inc. (BLINC)

Building Lives INC.

Building Lives INC.To Empower, Inspire, and Connect


BLINC started out as a ten-week program bringing students together from all backgrounds to share insights, work through struggles, and feel supported in their journey.

Today, nearly a decade has passed, and BLINC has grown into a truly unique program, open to all high school aged students in the Ojai Valley. Most recently Aaron Gardner, educator and poet, lead the group with weekly meetings involving food, friends, writing, sharing, and listening.

BLINC was traditionally broken down into 3 themes: Character Building/Empowerment, Vocational Training/Role Models, Storytelling/Goal Setting. The first hour of every night is used as an Open Mic Forum where those who feel comfortable can read personal pieces of writing or perform songs. The second hour features a writing activity or guest speaker, group activities, and/or questions. Mentors have ranged from passionate business owners to young professionals to free spirits that have traveled the world learning.

BLINC participants gain self-confidence, a deeper understanding of their potential, and learn different approaches to establish and accomplish goals. According to program facilitator Aaron Gardner, “BLINC is a place to find your voice and be heard, to express yourself without fear or judgement, to manifest your beauty and power through words, and to find a community of young people who support you.”

  • Kenzie and Gus

    MLK Jr. Day Community Celebration 2020, Youth planning meetings are happening now!

    Ojai youth are excited to host the 20th annual MLK Jr. Day Community Celebration in Libbey Park, on Monday January 20, 2020. We are proud and honored to support students serving on the MLK Day Committee. If you’re interested in joining the exceptional crew of students, you can find them meeting weekly on Wednesdays from 3-4P on Nordhoff HS campus. (Email us for exact location) To learn more about our past event, visit HERE!

  • OVYF Ripples Program ROCKS

    OVYF is planning another great RIPPLES program, starting this Fall! Last year’s participants went rock climbing with Trails By Potter, hit up a slam poetry night at Da Poetry Lounge in West Hollywood, and created art with local Ojai artists. Read more on the RIPPLES page…


  • BLinc Graduation

    BLINC Program Starts October 16, 2019

    BLINC is a beloved OVYF program, ran weekly throughout the school year, that brings high school students together with a diverse and open group where the individual can express oneself and truly be heard. More on the BLINC page…