Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Celebration

Our biggest yearly community celebration on MLK Jr. Day is a youth-led communal event. Hundreds of folks joined us in Libbey Park on January 20, 2020, for our 20th annual celebration! A small and exceptional group of students hosted musicians, speakers and guests throughout the day, inspiring many with their service and kindness to others. Planning meetings for MLK Day 2021 will commence later in 2020.

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The Empowerment Workshop

Girls Empowerment WorkshopA Community Program Dedicated to the Empowerment of Youth. Knowledge is Power. Educate. Our objective has remained the same over 15 years: for young people to value themselves and actively in charge of their lives. We facilitate programs year-round, in traditional classrooms and nature.
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BLINCBuilding Lives, Inc.  is for 14-18 year-old teenagers living in Ojai Valley, who are seeking something sweet to be a part of after school. Youth gather with fellow high school students to enjoy good company, play music and peace sticks, create art, and connect with inspirational humans.

Weekly meetings will resume once OUSD schools are open again.

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RipplesRIPPLES is an amazing cultural arts program! This summer we are collaborating with Learning to See, another local non-profit, to provide virtual art lessons in painting, drawing and magical surrealism. Space is limited to ten Ojai Valley youth, as always free to participants.

Past RIPPLES participants enjoyed field trips to Da Poetry Lounge and museums in Los Angeles, eating ethnic cuisine, creating art, rock climbing in beautiful Ojai, and sharing and celebrating the diverse cultures in our greater community.
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Teen Insight

Teen InsightOVYF scholarships available to teens interested in this amazing program offered in Santa Monica
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Teen Talk

One of the Youth Foundation’s biggest youth events where parents went to hear anonymously from their teens about issues in their lives. It was powerful, emotional and deeply honest. Another set to come in the Spring!
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Thrive Wellness Workshop

Nature-based workshops take place within Ojai Valley, and camping trips are at Channel Islands National Park and Los Padres National Forest. Groups embark on hikes, and engage in a variety of discussion topics like: self-care, anxiety, healthy coping skills, social struggles and shared experiences. Participants safely explore and enjoy the benefits of being in nature, while learning and practicing healthy coping skills, engaging in mindful activities and lessons in basic safety and respect.

Workshops and camping retreats for middle-school and high-school aged females are postponed and taking place online. We look forward to venturing outdoors together when it is safe and appropriate to gather in groups again.

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Leadership Project

This program unites high school age students from various Ojai schools. Youth from an array of socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds convene weekly to participate in values-based discussions, team building activities, and conversations to share perspective and insight with one another. Limited space is available for LP.  Email us with questions or referrals.

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YES- Youth Employment Services

We serve as a liaison between employers and youth in Ojai Valley. Local proprietors and residents contact us with requests for long and short employment opportunities, and we connect them with 15-18 year old students seeking experience. Successful placements include but are not limited to: special event help, child care, yard work, home organization project assistance, and computer assistance for small businesses.

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  • Kenzie and Gus

    Dr. MLK Jr. Day Community Celebration 2021!

    We are so grateful for the awesome youth on the 2021 MLK Jr. Day Committee! A small group planned and coordinated the amazing online celebration of 2021 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and accomplishments. To learn about our 2021 event visit the MLK Day webpage! To view OVYF’s video celebration in honor of Dr. King, visit the Ojai Unified School District YouTube page here:

  • OVYF Ripples Program ROCKS

    OVYF is planning another great RIPPLES program. This year, in partnership with Learning to See, we invite a dozen youth to join us for a series of experiential art workshops and local artist tours. Space is limited for this free program; please contact us to be notified when we reschedule and we are free to gather together again. Last year’s participants went rock climbing with Trails By Potter, hit up a slam poetry night at Da Poetry Lounge in West Hollywood, and created art with local Ojai artists. Read more on the RIPPLES page…


  • BLinc Graduation

    Building Lives, Inc. Postponed Until Future Notice

    BLINC is a beloved OVYF program that brings Ojai youth together weekly throughout the school year. High-school students from across the Valley are welcome to join us for good company, to play Peace Sticks, and enjoy music and food– all free, as always. Once school resumes, we will convene on Wednesdays at Nordhoff HS, from 3-5P. Feel free to call or email with questions.

    More on the BLINC page…